Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Marching Orders

Good morning all!  Its time for another Twinsie Tuesday post.  This weeks theme was Marching Orders, which means another girl gives you orders on which manicure you do!  Amber from Nails Like Lace gave me my orders, so lets look!

Amber really challenged me with her marching orders.  In fact I had to ask her to clarify what she meant because I have never heard of this technique.  She kindly informed me about this gradient technique called "Reciprocal  Gradient".  Its pretty intense.  She also was awesome enough to link me a few tutorials.  Its like gradients maxed out.  I started out with a gradient of black to white, with the black at the cuticle line.  Then, using striping tape I taped off a fan design and gradiented the opposite way.  This time with the black polish at the tips.  I was eager to take the tape off to see my overall effect.  It was awesome!  However, this type of manicure is very time consuming.  You have to wait for your first gradient to be completely dry to be able to tape off.  Maybe next time I try this out, Ill do my first gradient a day ahead of time.  My ring finger also turned out better than the rest, poo.  I would love to see this with some awesome colors, but I kept mine simple.  The polishes I used were OPI Alpine Snow, Zoya Dove and OPI Black Onyx.

What do you guys think of this type of gradient?  Its pretty intense!  Don't forget to look at all the other Twinsies for today!

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  1. I haven't successfully been able to achieve this gradient, but you blew it outta the water Kelly! It looks so amazing, and the simple colors are really dramatic!

  2. It's an unusual request, I've only come across a couple of these manicures. They look pretty though

  3. OMG!! You did an amazing job on this! (Thank god I had you and not Amber! LOL I would've bombed at this!)

  4. Fantastic job!! I would've failed miserably at this I'm sure.

  5. That is so cool, way to go! Did you do your other hand and wear it for a few days? That's a lot of work right there!!

  6. They look amazing! I knew you could do it!! :) I love how your gradients turned out!!

  7. I tried this once and it was a total fail! Great job.

  8. This looks sooo cool! I have not heard of a reciprocal gradient, it totally makes me think of math. It's way better than math though.

  9. This looks so amazing! I need to try this :)

  10. Whoa this is super intense! lol. This looks so awesome! You did a great job with this challenge! :D


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