Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OPI: Mariah Carey Pure 18K Top Coat

Hello all!  I have an awesome polish to show off today!  Its already time for holiday collections to come out, and OPI has certainly made way with theirs.  Their entire holiday collection was collaborated with Mariah Carey and has so many awesome shades, including a few new Liquid Sand shades.  However, they did come out with a very special top coat for the season, as well!

This is OPI Pure.  Pure is an 18K white gold and silver fleck top coat.   They did an amazing thing releasing a silver version of their Man With A Golden Gun polish from last year.  I didn't waste any time ordering this shade!  I used a base of Zoya Sailor with this and love the combination.  Pure is white gold so it still has a tint of gold in it, but it really comes up mostly silver looking.  There's a nice mixture of larger flecks with micro flecks in it.  I only needed on coat to get a nice amount on the nail.  I love wearing these 18K topcoats.  I feel so fancy! Haha!

I ordered this shade from Ulta's website and it retails for $30.  I can't wait to layer this over more shades for the holidays!


  1. This is very pretty. I'm so tempted by it! Need to drop hints for Christmas lol :-)

  2. This is gorgeous!! I definitely think it would be a nice surprise in my Christmas stocking this year! ;)

    xo, Jordan
    Opal & Violet

  3. This is super pretty! I absolutely love the base you chose for it.

  4. This is stunning! I love how your photos really capture how reflective and bright the flakes are.

  5. This is gorgeous!! It really is fancy hehe :D


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