Monday, October 7, 2013

Products I Love

Good morning, all!  So, I'm switching things up on you all a little today.  I feel like lately I've gotten a few people asking how I keep my nails so nice.  I use a variety of products that work very well.  I figured the best way to tell everyone was just to write up a whole post dedicated to it!

Ok, starting from the top and going clockwise:

1. Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream :  This is a new product I decided to try out when my last lotion ran out.  I'm actually really liking it.  It smells nice and clean and moisturizes my hands very nicely.

2. Sally Hansen Vita Surge Strength Gel : This has really been helping to keep my nails strong.  I take Biotin supplements, but this is like and extra boost.  It rubs into the actual nail.  The only complaint I have is that the lid doesn't twist too tight and the gel seeps out.

3. CND Solar Oil : This is the best cuticle oil, hands down.  I splurged for my first bottle around Christmas last year and have never been happier.  First off, I just got my second bottle, that's how long this will last you. Second off, its a miracle for cuticles.  Last winter, I had such a bad time with my cuticles and this saved them and really boosted them back to health. This is the small bottle by the way.

4. Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter : This is another cuticle savior.  I've been using this product for years.  Its the first thing I used when doing my nails.  It has a nice lemon smell, but honestly, kinda has a diaper cream smell.  It doesn't bother me as I attribute it to intense moister (baby's bottom smooth) in my head.  I know some people are bothered by the smell though.

5. HK Girls Glisten & Glow Top Coat : Fast Drying Super Shiny.  I recently heard about this top coat and decided to try it out.  I won't use anything else now.  Fast dry is a joke compared to how fast it actually dries.  Lightning Fast is more like it!  Within seconds.  Much faster than Seche Vite.  No shrinkage at all, either.  The last month and before I've been using it.  It doesn't fade holographic polish.  I could go on for days about this stuff.  I just picked up a second bottle along with a bottle for my girl Elena ( who said she loves it just as much! ).  The only thing is that its not great for your hungry glitters.  Its indie made, too, so Support Indie Polish Makers!

6. OPI Nail Envy :  The Famous OPI Nail Envy.  This stuff is famous for a reason.  I can literally tell the difference within days of not using it.  While using it; my nails are stronger, grow faster, my polish stays on longer, and chips less.  Dry time is a little longer with this, but I tend to put a thicker coat on.  Always my go to base coat.  Nothing else will do it for me.

Well there you guys have it!  I hope you liked this change of pace from the norm.  Everything is linked to where you can buy it online!  What do you guys use for your go-to nail products?  What are your must haves?


  1. I've been using OPI Nail Envy for a few weeks now every time I paint my nails and my nails look so much better already. Usually when they would get to a certain length, peeling would start and always on my middle finger nail for some reason, but now none of my nails have any. They are much stronger. I love it! As for cuticle cream, I've always wanted to try Lemony Flutter, but for now I've been using Hoofer's Choice Nail and Cuticle Cream and it seems to be working great for me. My cuticles don't seem so dry anymore.

  2. I've hear so many good things about that bliss cream...definitely need to try it out! I still have to to try out OPI's Nail Envy!! Great products, Kelly! :D

  3. I need to try out the HK Girls topcoat! Right now I'm using Seche Vite and I'm not happy about the shrinkage >:(


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