Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Picture Polish: Ocean

Hey guys!  So, if you haven't noticed I have become slightly obsessed with Picture Polish.  I get like this sometimes.  I become enamored with a certain brand and decide that I need EVERY SINGLE shade by them.  At least Picture Polish has a huge variety of stunning shades!

Today, I'm showing off Picture Polish Ocean.  This is a beautiful shade of medium blue.  Ocean also contains the signature holographic shards that Picture Polish is known for.  I used two coats for this, and application was perfect.  I did find this to be a little on the sheer side, so if you have longer nails, you might need a few more coat.  This also did a little staining on my cuticles.   Nothing seriously bad, but something to note.  Just be careful upon removal to use a hold and swipe method.  I love my blue shades, lately, and this was just perfect for me!

How do you guys feel about Ocean?  I purchased this shade from Llarowe.


  1. Oh, it's gorgeous! I also lust after Picture Polishes - I don't have any yet (because shipping costs suck) but whenever I see a swatch of one, I love it!

  2. Ocean is totally in my wishlist! I only own a couple Picture Polish and I love them!

  3. I love this! It is such a gorgeous, gorgeous blue!!

  4. Gorgeous shade! I love the sparkles it has.

  5. Oh my...this is so beautiful! :D


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