Friday, October 25, 2013

Picture Polish: A Gradient Featuring Whimsy & Wisteria

Good morning, gals!  Its finally time for the weekend.  I'm so ready for this semester to be over.  I feel busier than ever.  Plus the blog is keeping me busy!  Which I love!  I am so happy to have gained so many new followers and been able to review so many great products!  So welcome new followers, I hope you stay and enjoy all future posts from me!

Today, I have a fun Picture Polish gradient.  These were two polishes that had been on my Wish List for a while.  I started with a base of Picture Polish Wisteria, a gorgeous medium purple shade with a brightness to it.  Then I sponged on Picture Polish Whimsy.  Whimsy is another striking color, a bright baby blue with golden shimmer throughout.  I loved the colors combined!  Purple and blue always look good together, but these shades compliment each other in a perfect way.  I did have a ton of residual shimmer from Whimsy, though.  The only downside from this gradient.  I got so many compliments on these nails, people just loved it!

I purchased both these shades from Llarowe.  What do you guys think of this bright and fun gradient?


  1. I really like this bright and fun gradient!

  2. This gradient is beautiful! Love the colors you used :D


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