Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Picture Polish: Freya's Cats

Good morning all!  Its back to the regular posts now that the 31 Day Challenge is over.  I have recently become obsessed with Picture Polish.  I seriously can't stop buying them.  At this rate, Ill have the entire collection by the end of the year.  Eek! This year has gone fast!

Today, I'm showing off one of their newest collaboration shades that was created with Nihrida.  She has a seriously awesome blog and is the blame for half of my Picture Polish recent purchases!  Her swatches are just lovely.  Anyway, this is Picture Polish Freya's Cats.  Named for the Norse goddess who's chariot is pulled by regal blue cats.  I love that this is inspired by such a cool myth figure.  Much like Demeter.  This is a beautiful bright blue shade with the classic Picture Polish holographic flakes.  I used two coats and that was perfect for me, though I've seen some swatches with VNL.  So if you have longer nails, I recommend three coats.  The formula was perfect, I had zero clean up with this one.  I wore it for like, three days, and was mildly upset that I had to take it off to swatch other polishes.  What do you guys think of this beautiful shade?

I purchased this from Overall Beauty, and shipping was super fast!  I highly recommend her site!


  1. This is a stunning blue! I have yet to try Picture Polish.

  2. This is a beautiful blue! Love how it sparkles!


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