Monday, October 21, 2013

Dollish Polish: Walker Bait

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope your weekend was good.  Mine was busy yet again!  That's OK though, because my Sunday nights are now filled with zombies!  Yes, its finally time for The Walking Dead to be back.  I'm really liking this season so far.  Especially now that I have a themed nail polish for it!

Today, I'm showing you Dollish Polish Walker Bait.  This was an exclusive polish only offered for a few weeks before The Walking Dead premiered.  My boyfriend was very nice to pick me up a bottle!  I was too excited for it.  Walker Bait is a dark olive green holographic polish with a sort of metallic sheen to it.  The hole is very strong in this shade.  I used two coats for it, and application was amazing.  Very easy with no balding.  I topped this with HK Girls Glisten & Glow Fast Dry Topcoat and notice that the holo is in no way diminished.  Its now my go to topcoat for nearly everything I do.  I highly recommend it.

Did anyone else pick up Walker Bait?  Dollish Polish can be purchased here.


  1. This is such a fun polish, I love it. I'm very into the Walking Dead as well :)


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