Friday, September 20, 2013

Different Dimension Halloween Collection 2013

Good morning!  I have even more awesome polishes to show off from Different Dimension!  This is the Halloween Collection, this collection is Silence of the Lambs themed.  Lets start...

First we have Good Evening Clarice.  Ok.  Where to begin with this one?  Its holographic, lime green and glow in the dark!  A glow in the dark holo?!  Its awesome.  I layered this over Illamasqua Scorch to allow the glow to pop a little more, but it can be worn alone.  Formula was great.  This does require some 'charging' for the glow, but not much at all.  I held my hand up to the light for just a few seconds.

Next is It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin.  This is actually a textured polish.  I've seen other indie makers do their own textured polish, but haven't tried any, till now.  This is a black based polish with orange glitters that sparkle so nicely.  The dry time is a little long, as with any textured polish.  I used two coats here and formula was perfect.

Thirdly is I Ate His Liver With Some Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti.  This one is my favorite of the bunch!  Its seriously amazing.  Theres all kinds of different types of glitters in purple, black and different shades of green.  There's also some added holographic 'dust' for an awesome ending effect.   I layered this over Color Club Pucci-licious and I loved the combo.  I can't wait to wear it more for the Halloween season!

Lastly, we have Have The Lambs Stopped Screaming?  If anyone is looking for the perfect glitter combo for Halloween, this is it.  It just screams Halloween.  Packed with orange, black, white and some iridescent glitters in all shapes and sizes.  I layered this over OPI My Boyfriend Scalls Walls.   This also has the same holographic 'dust', but more of it.  Its just plain awesome.

So there you have it!  Another awesome batch of polishes from Different Dimension.  These will release on September 21 along with the Fall Collection and can be purchased at Different Dimension Etsy shop.

Products were provided to me for review.  


  1. The two glitters are gorgeous and totally perfect for Halloween! Love them.

  2. These are gorgeous! I love them all! Your swatches are so beautiful :D


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