Tuesday, September 24, 2013

31DC2013 Day 24 Inspired By A Book: A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

Good morning, all!  Sorry about the skip days yesterday and the day before!  This is the harder days in the challenge and, unfortunately, my school stuff is also getting harder and heavier.  But I should be OK for the last few days! Today is Inspired By A Book!

I chose the book "A Constellation of Vital Phenomena".  I spotted this at the bookstore the other day and was drawn immediately to it.  Who can say why?  The cover was eye appealing to me and the title was interesting.  I guess you can say I judge the book by its cover.  It immediately went on my wishlist for when I finally finish The Lord of The Rings.  I vowed not to purchase anymore books until I finish the trilogy.  Its a struggle, but I have a pile of unread books just waiting for me.  So while its hard, it makes sense.  I suggest you all look into A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, it seemed so interesting!  Anyway!  I used  Essie Lady Like and Essie Cocktail Bling to do a gradient.  I then added some stars with connecting dots in Essie Good as Gold.  I loved the neutral-ness of this.  I've been wearing a lot of crazy colors and nail arts lately, its nice to have a somewhat palate cleanser.  How do you guys like this one?

What book did you guys use for your Day 24?

Image Courtesy of Chalkboard Nails 


  1. I love this mani, it's so soft and delicate and the gradient is perfect!

  2. Ugh this reminds me how much I really need Cocktail Bling; it's been going on and off my WL for ages!

  3. Ok seriously, you are the best at gradients. This is perfect!

  4. Ooooooooh. Dang, Kelly, your gradient is butter-smooth! I just googled the book too, and wow, you absolutely captured it.

  5. This is so beautiful! I love the soft gradient!


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