Saturday, September 14, 2013

31DC2013 Day 14 Flowers: Dried Flowers

Hey everyone!  I dreaded this day in the challenge.  My flower skills are less than mediocre.  They end up always coming out too cartoon like and just blah.  I never like to do them.  I wish I could have the skill some of you nail ladies have at flowers.

Since I'm no good at flowers, I flipped through one of my favorite Instagram ladies, @just1nail , who does AMAZING flower nail art.  Seriously, its out of this world.  Some of them are complicated, and some of them are simple!  I picked one of her more simple designs to base mine off of.  This is OPI My Vampire is Buff with flowers in OPI On The Same Paige and OPI First Date at The Golden Gate.  The stems are done in Color Club Rebel Spirit.  I loved the end look, from the angle in my photos, they could actully be real drying flowers!  So cute.  I need to take more pages out of her book!  Everyone be sure to take a look at her Instagram!

What do you guys think of these flowers?
Image Courtesy of Chalkbaord Nails 


  1. beautiful flowers and manicure!

  2. What a cute mani, it's perfect for fall!

  3. Aw I think your flowers are so cute! You did great with this!


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