Thursday, September 12, 2013

31DC2013 Day 12 Stripes: Monochromatic Zoya

Hello all!  Its Stripes day in the challenge and man, did I have some trouble with this.  Stripes are not my strong point in the first place.  But hey, this is after all, a challenge.  I did my nails three times before I came up with stripes that I liked.  Saying that, though, I loved my end result!

I used my one of my new polishes, Zoya Kristen for my base.  I had been wanting this one for a while and had it on my mental wish list to 'always pick up next time'.  I just finally got it when Zoya held their BOGO sale.  Its a beautiful dusty blue with gray undertones.  For my stripes, I used Zoya Nyx.  Nyx was released with the initial Pixie Dust release and is a dusty textured blue.  I just recently picked this one up, too.  I loved this look it was just the right amount of sparkle!  Plus I love how the colors match up, but still stand out against each other.

You can purchase Zoya polishes from website.

Image Courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

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