Friday, August 23, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust: Carter

Hello, all!  I have another fall Pixie Dust from Zoya to show you all.  This one was my immediate 'must have' when promo pictures were released.  Zoya Pixie Dust Carter is a crowd favorite and I can certainly see why!

Carter is a deep royal purple textured polish.  There is an amazing amount of glitter in this polish and that shines just a little more on the magenta side.  I used two coats, and found this one to be slightly more on the thicker side than the rest of the Pixie Dusts.  I would watch the amount you have on your brush and recommend thinner coats to avoid that. And because of that thicker base, the dry time seemed a little longer.  Despite the thicker formula, it was very easy to control and I barely had any clean up.  Overall, another one of my favorites from this collection.  Zoya Pixie Dust in Carter is definitely a star from this collection!

Did anyone else pick Carter up? She's too stunning not to! You can find Zoya polishes online.


  1. This is such a favorite of mine!

  2. This is just gorgeous !! I can't believe it is still an untried for me :(

  3. It's love! I hope you're doing fine.


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