Monday, August 12, 2013

Orly: Sparkling Garbage

Happy Monday, all!  Its back to the daily grind for me and back to your regular scheduled nail posts!  I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful guest posts last week.  I thank all the lovely ladies again for doing that favor for me!  My vacation was wonderful, I had such a great time.  I got lots of sun, ate way too much food, and relaxed!  It was just what I needed.

So, for today, I have Orly Sparkling Garbage.  I only have a few Orlys in my collection, but the ones I have- I love.  Sparkling Garbage is no exception!  This is a gorgeous teal with insane amounts of holographic sparkle to it.  The base is a jelly consistency so I layered this over Essie Turquoise and Caicos.  I used two coats of Sparkling Garbage, I only wanted one but two allowed for more sparkle.  So, why not?!  Haha!  Application was perfect.

Does anyone else have this Orly gem?  Its now one of my favorite polishes!


  1. Why is it called sparkling garbage? Looks nothing like garbage to me. Totally beautiful ... definitely a gem. Must buy!!

  2. I have this, but wasn't sure what to put under it, now I have a good idea! Looks gorgeous!

  3. The name hahahaha, but its so sparkley! <3 So pretty!


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