Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alanna Renee: Stupefy

Hey gals.  I have another one of those awesome Aussie polishes from Alanna Renee!  Her Harry Potter collection completely took me away and slowly I've been picking them up!  Recently, I got Stupefy in the mail.

Stupefy is an awesome hot pink jelly polish with white hexes and micro glitters in it.  I had a little trouble with my last polish, Chocolate Frog.  So, I was a little weary of this one.  However, I had zero problems.  I used two coats and it applied flawlessly.  I had easy control with little cleanup.  Stupefy is a spell than basically stuns your opponent.  This Stupefy polish completely stunned me, that's for sure!  (Ohhh man that was a bad joke! Hahah!  I'm nerding out with these Harry Potter themed polishses!)


Has anyone else tried any Alanna Renee?  They are pretty amazing! If you live within the US, you can purchase these from Color4Nails via email.


  1. lol!! I love that it "stunned" you! :P It's really pretty!

  2. This is really something special :)


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