Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Type of Chevron

Hey gals!  I have a new type of chevron nail art for you all, today!  I had been dying to try this ever since I first saw it on @hannvjk's Instagram.  She has the YouTube channel PolishCandies.  She just recently put up the tutorial for these and I started right away on my take!

I started out with a base of China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle.  I then went in with my nail art brush and did two stripes in China Glaze Bottoms Up.  This is where the nail art really comes in.  I used white acrylic paint for this part as its more opaque and works better for smaller detailed nail art.  If you follow the tutorial video, you'll see its pretty easy.  However, this is time consuming.  It took me quite some time to do this.  I wore it for a few days and I loved it!  Its such a different look and it was more experienced for me.  I loved that I stepped out of my comfort zone for this!


What do you guys think of this new chevron technique?  Has anyone else tried it?


  1. looks perfect! what a patience you've got!

  2. This nail art looks great! I'm going to have to try this!

  3. Wow! Yours turned out amazing!! Awesome job! :D


I always love to read the comments and see what people think! Thanks so much for doing so! :)