Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: 4th of July Inspired

Hey guys!  I'm really excited about this weeks Twinsie Tuesday!  I have been planning my 4th of July nails for a while now.  I recently got KB Shimmer Pimp My Pride and knew that it had to be incorporated somehow.  I decided to take a leaf out of Chalkboard Nails to do this manicure.  I used my trusty star punch and painters tape and went to work.  The stars are textured polish in Zoya Liberty and Zoya Chyna.  How could I not use Liberty??  I also may have an obsession with textured nail art now!  I keep trying to think of ideas for them.  I'm also just praying that these last through Thursday! Haha!  Also I apologize for the ultra nubbins I'm sporting right now, I went a little too wild with the nail file.   Oh well, they have been growing like weeds lately!  What's everyone's plans for the 4th of July?  My family and my boyfriend's family both have cookouts so I'm sure we will be busy all day!


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What do you all think of these?  I'm pretty satisfied!


  1. This turned out so well! I really need a patriotic indie polish.

  2. Awh I love this one. It is so pretty!!

  3. Love those stars! And over that base - perfection!
    I always get a little crazy with the nail file too :)

  4. I was just wondering what would have my american blogger friends have done for the 4th of July..and I particularly love this because it's wearable also for non patriotic purposes and days, and from non american girls. Thumbs up as usual! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you can feel like you can stil wear it even though your not from the US!

  5. Cute! Those stars were a great touch! :)

  6. How awesome! Your stars look so cool!

  7. I loved Sarah's textured star look and you recreated it so brilliantly here!

  8. These are awesome! I need to get some punch stamps for stuff like this!!


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