Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Polish Addict Nail Color: Unicorn Love

Are you ladies tired of my Polish Addict Nail Color swatches?  I have this one left for you guys- for now at least!  I got this one a while ago and it took me entirely too long to wear it ( that always seems to happen to me?!).  This is  Unicorn Love.  Unicorn Love sits in a pale blue, almost grey, base.  There's also micro glitters in neon colors like purple, blue, green, pink and yellow.  All of the best neon colors!  This makes for a subtle beauty polish.  I used two coats and application was smooth. Two coats were enough to make this opaque, too. I wore this for a few days and loved the look of it.  I loved the base color of this, too. I feel like this might be a summer staple for me, it would look great against a bright swimsuit!  A great color, overall!  What do you guys think?

 You can buy Polish Addict Nail Color here.


  1. Beautiful!! :D It really reminds me of the rainbow bit vanilla icing I used to get for my birthday cake (I still would if they still sold it :()

  2. This is pretty! The glitter seems to be just a tad too sparse in it for my taste, though.


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