Monday, July 29, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand: Tiffany Case

Hey gals!  I have another stunning shade to show off from OPI's Liquid Sand Bond Girls collection.  I got all my picks when they had initially released them weeks ago, however I missed one crucial color.  I started seeing swatches of Tiffany Case and decided I needed to have it.  My Ulta sold out so fast and unfortunately, they never restocked it.  I waited past my birthday, to make sure I wouldn't receive it as a gift.  A week afterwards, I thought it was safe enough to pick it up.  Thank goodness Ulta is now an e-tailer of OPI polishes, cause I had to hunt this one down.

Tiffany Case is a stunning textured glitter polish.  This shade is a light blue glitter bomb.  The base is glittery enough, itself, yet there are added hex glitters in this.  I used two coats and it applied like heaven.  I won't stop saying how well textured polishes apply.  They have such easy control.  The only downside to this polish is that the blue pigment stains slightly.  If you double up on base coat and give your hands a vigorous washing at removal, you should be fine!  But, Tiffany Case, my gosh was I sorry that I didn't pick this up sooner.  Its so sparkly and just gorgeous!  I wore this until I HAD to take it off.  It didn't chip, fade or peel.  Unfortunately, the blog can't be filled with multiple posts of Tiffany Case, I think you guys would get pretty bored.  Haha!


Does anyone else have this shade and love it as much as I do?


  1. I didn't pick this shade up but I definitely love the color. The only one I picked up was Solitaire but this one is a stunner.

  2. This is by far my favorite Liquid Sand shade!!

  3. I thought I could resist and now you show swatches like these!!!!!

  4. omg it looks like magic dust! it is to dream of!

  5. This is pretty much ridiculously gorgeous! I love it!

  6. Aw I think I need this's gorgeous! Beautiful swatch :D


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