Monday, July 1, 2013

Nails Inc Leather Effect: Clerkenwell

Good morning all!  Yes, its once again time for another textured finish polish!   But I think you all will like this one.  I showed this off with some polka dots for a Twinsie Tuesday post, but I wanted to show it on its own.  Recently, buff colored nails and off white nails have really taken off.  With the debut of My Vampire is Buff by OPI and Jacqueline by Zoya, nail girls have been flocking to the beauty stores to get backups of these awesome colors.  I, myself had been obsessed with finding the right buff/off white color for a long time.  Now, luckily, they are everywhere and I even got myself a trusty backup!  Haha!  Well now, you can get your favorite buff color in textured matte!  How awesome is that?!  This is Nails Inc Clerkenwell.  I used two coats and application was very easy.  I had a slight patchyness on the first coat, however, the second coat covers it perfectly.  I loved wearing this one.  For some reason, white polishes make my nails look so much longer?  They just seem to stand out more too!  I loved the finish of this one (like that's a secret?).  My textured polish obsession doesn't seem to be slowing down what so ever, to the point where I'm starting to worry!  Haha!  I now have my eye on the other colors of Leather Effect by Nails Inc... Ladbroke Grove and  Old Crompton Street will you be mine?

You can find this shade at Sephora.  Do you guys like this one as much as I thought you would?


  1. Oh my goodness this is such a gorgeous colour! And who just doesn't looove texture polishes. How was the staying power of this texture?

    1. These ones don't stay on nearly as long as your Pixie Dusts or Liquid Sands...just more like regular polish!

  2. Oh dear nail god I believe I'm gonna need this!

  3. This is really pretty! It's so clean and polished-looking!


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