Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Geometric Neon

Good Morning gals!  I've been really inspired by you great nail artists out there and have been trying more things lately.  Plus everyone seems to be doing great color combos lately, too!   I came up with this one just randomly.  I really wanted to do fun colors with a neutral base.  I used OPI My Vampire is Buff for the base and the geometrics are in Essie Bikini So Teeny, China Glaze Pink Plumeria and Highlight of My Summer.  I almost didn't add Highlight of My Summer, but I'm so glad I did.  The bright mint really pops with the rest of the colors.  I was so sad to take this one off and I only took it off to do 4th of July nails.  I debuted it early on Instagram, I loved them that much.  I want it back on my nails, now.  Haha!


How do you guys like this one?


  1. I love the look of this mani. These polishes pop so much on a white base. It's gorgeous :)

  2. so cute! why don't you try it more colorful?!

  3. Cute! Its very simply but unique, love it.

  4. This is so cute! It reminds me of sprinkles :D


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