Thursday, July 25, 2013

Different Dimension: Just Keep Swimming

Hey guys!  I have a gorgeous polish that was a major lemming of mine to show you all, today.  This is Different Dimension Just Keep Swimming.  I was lusting after this polish so hard.  And how could you not?!  Lets talk about this one...

Just Keep Swimming is a deeper blue holographic polish.  The holographic in this polish is strong and linear.  I used two coats and application was perfect.  No dragging or anything.  I loved this one so much, I made a video of its beauty in the sunlight and posted it to my Instagram.  It was just so stunning.  I wore top coat over this and saw the slightest of dulls, nothing considerable.  But because I wore top coat, I was able to wear this for days.  And I did.  Four days, to be exact.  Crazy for me!

What do you all think of Different Dimension Just Keep Swimming? I am so happy to have it!  You can check out that video of this one in action on my Instagram, @tuxarina, or follow the link on my side bar! I highly suggest you take a look!  You can purchase Different Dimension polishes here.


  1. That is really gorgeous! I like the name too :P

  2. Holos are all so eye-catching, and this one included! So pretty on you <3

  3. This is such a gorgeous holo, I'm loving it!


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