Monday, July 22, 2013

Alanna Renee: Chocolate Frog

Hey guys! Happy Monday, I hope everyone's weekend went well!  I have another Alanna Renee polish from her Magical World collection.  This one is Chocolate Frog.  I was a little iffy about purchasing this one.   I loved the color and what not, but I don't usually buy this type of color or polish.  I love my crellys with glitter.  Jellys with glitter?  Not my particular buy.  Anyway.  Chocolate Frog sits in a royal blue jelly base.  There are gold hexes in this that turn a teal color with the base.  There's also some brown micro glitters in this to represent the actual chocolate frog.  This one was a little more difficult to apply.  The glitters are larger and make this one a little thicker.  Plus, its packed with glitter!  I do love the end look, however.  The gold glitters are holographic are give this a gorgeous sparkle!  What do you guys think of this color?


I bought this shade at Color4Nails.


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