Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A England: Sleeping Palace

Hey guys!  I am so excited to show off this polish today.  As soon as A-England released photos of their new collection, I nearly peed my pants.  I knew it was going to be true to form, beautiful A England.  And I was definitely right!  It took me a few tries to get the ones I wanted, all but Briarwood, which will be released at a later date.  This one is Sleeping Palace.  Sleeping Palace is a deep plum holographic polish.  This actually has some brown undertones to it. The holographic is a slight linear and slight scattered.  There's something about A England's holographics that  just glow!  I used two coats for this, but you could get away with one if you were careful. I also used top coat with this (Seche Vite) and didn't experience any dullness in the polish.  I have more from this Sleeping Beauty inspired collection to come, so stayed tuned, because these are absolutely stunning!  I may be spiraling into an A-England obsession!  The first four photos are in my lightbox, the last is in direct light.

You can buy these polishes from Llarowe or Ninja Polish.


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