Thursday, June 6, 2013

Urban Outfitters Hologram Polish in Black

Good morning, all!  Remember that gorgeous trio of holographic polishes by Urban Outfitters?  Well they are back at it with two new shades!  A purple and a black shade.  I purchased both of them a while ago, and for some reason its taking me a long time to wear them.  Must be all that textured polish! Haha!  Anyway, today I have the Black shade for you all.  I used two coats for this and it went on a little thicker than I would have liked.  The thicker the holo, the more streaking you'll get.  I would eliminate this by making sure your first coat is completely dry before adding a second coat.  Also, don't get too much polish on the brush.  This is also more of a charcoal than a true black.   All that being said, this polish is truly stunning!  Just like the other holographics by Urban Outfitters, this one has a strong linear holo to it.  In the sun, it'll blind you!  Haha!  If your looking for a good classic line of holographic polishes easy to get- Urban Outfitters is your best bet!  Has anyone else tried these out?

You can buy this polish from Urban Outfitters online.


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