Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday Marching Orders

Hey gals!  Another Twinsie Tuesday is here and this weeks theme is Marching Orders.  I'm relatively new to the Twinsie Tuesday group and I was very exciting/nervous to do my first Marching Orders post.  Marching Orders is where you do a mani based on what another girl has told you to do.  Cordia from Seriously Swatched gave me mine first Marching Orders.  She ordered me to do a mani based off of my favorite song.  This is an extreme challenge.  I have a wide variety of the music I like.  I decided to pick a Florence and The Machine song.  Unfortunately, I love every single one of her songs.  So, I ultimately decided to stop trying to decide and go with an album art mani.  Florence's first album, Lungs, is a great album.  It turned me on to her music and I still jam to it today.  I don't know if any of you are a fan of her, and even if you aren't- you cannot deny that that girl doesn't have one of the greatest voices of all time.  She can seriously belt it out.  I could go on about her forever.  I even got to see her last summer in Toronto, Canada and she was seriously amazing.  It was a dream to watch her perform.  Her songs give me chills.   Ok, enough ranting!  Haha!  The album is a beautiful, dark look of damask, flowers, birds and Florence herself with a pair of exposed lungs.  It seems a little dark to do a set of lungs on your album but she does it in a non creepy way.  I started with a base of OPI Ski Teal We Drop then mixed OPI Stranger Tides with Essie Going Incognito for a green to do a damask pattern.  I then went in and did the lungs on my middle fingers in OPI Skyfall.  I mixed Skyfall with white to do some lines on the lungs to give them some more definition.  Lastly, I went in and did some puffy flowers using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, OPI Your Such A Budapest and OPI Skyfall.  I ended up covering the damask pattern a little, but then it kinda looked like greenery coming from the flowers,  so I went with it!  I ended up loving this mani.  Its a dark design but something that came out better than I expected.  What do yo guys think?  Anyone else a Florence and The Machine fan?

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  1. I LOVE Flo & the machine :) You did a fantastic job on this Kelly!!

  2. I love Florence and the Machine! Your nails represent it perfectly :)

  3. Love the design... Haven't heard of the album before but will def check it out.

  4. Great idea, it looks really good

  5. Gorgeous mani! I love me some Florence--her voice is incredible! I think you totally nailed your inspiration.

  6. Whoa! Nice! This is awesome and totally nothing like I would have expected! Well done!

  7. Lungs, wow, so creative! Gorgeous mani <3

  8. Super cool! Love everything about this!

  9. I love Florence & The Machine! Great Mani :)

  10. Ooh what a challenge! I think you conquered this! It looks amazing!


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