Friday, June 7, 2013

Picture Polish: Fairy Floss

Hey guys! Happy Friday.  I have a wedding this weekend to attend, it seems like my weekends just keep getting busier!  So, I have recently began a love affair with Picture Polish.  Their colors are so beautiful and unique with great application.  My newest love?  Fairy Floss.  Fairy Floss is a gorgeous baby pink color.  I don't know when exactly I decided to become obsessed with this color, but I all of the sudden NEEDED it.  Am I the only one that gets like that?  Its like it randomly pops into my head that I must have a color and I won't stop looking at swatches until I get it?! Haha, weird!   I used two coats of Fairy Floss and the first coat was slightly streaky.  The second coat remedies that easily, though.  I really want to try some nail art with this color, it looks like the perfect perky pink to use!

You can buy Picture Polish from Llarowe.


  1. Gorgeous colour, can totally see why you needed it.

  2. Your definitely not the only one who gets like that because I adore this color and instantly said I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!

  3. cute and sweet and it's nice to see u in a natural look

  4. I loooove this! Just so simple and girly, which I love.

  5. that pink is gorgeous!!!!
    would you like to follow each other via gfc?



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