Monday, June 10, 2013

Nails Inc Leather Effect: Dalston

Good morning guys!  I hope everyone's week is starting off well. I want to apologize for the lack of commenting I've been doing.  We recently switched to summer hours at my work and I'm trying to switch myself into an easy schedule. It'll get better!  I'm going to be showing off another Leather Effect polish by Nails Inc, today.  This is a newer shade they just came out with, Dalston.  I had heard whisperings that this was a mint textured polish.  However, this is really more of a pale blue color.  Its so awesome too!  I used two coats for this and it went on amazingly.  For some reason, the combination of this color and its texture wore really well on me.  I got compliments on it constantly.  The one girl at the beauty store kept asking me what it was called and eventually wrote it down!  How funny.  The Leather Effect gives in something different in the textured world.  Making it textured, but not glittery.  As a result it has a great matte look to it.  I really want to use this one in some nail art...any requests?  On a negative note, I did find that this got a dirty look to it.  However, I work in a coffee shop and I deal with things like coffee grinds and espresso grinds.  It goes away easily with water!

You can buy this shade at Sephora.


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