Friday, May 24, 2013

Textured Polish: Ways to Wear It

Hey guys!  Its Friday so, I have a little different kind of post to show today.  It's no secret that I have become enamored with the textured polish trend.  I have tried a bunch of brands out there and own over a dozen colors of these textured treasures.  So now what?  Lets take a look at the few ways you can wear these polishes and still keep your nails looking fresh..

Studded Accent:
This is Nails Inc Noho, from the Leather Effect Collection.  This polish was actually first released in a kit that came with various studs that you could attach with included nail glue.  It was a great idea!  Especially with the leather effect of the polish, it gave your nails that edgy look.
Painted Accent:
The painted accent is another great way to go if you have multiples of textured polishes.  This is China Glaze Unrefined and China Glaze In the Rough from their Textured line.  These are great because the formulas match up (I recommend using polishes from the same brand)  and the colors go great together.    They are both bright and stand out, not taking away from one another  but still standing out.

Gradient Them: 
Ok, so, pictured here is the entire Summer Zoya Pixie Dust collection.  This design was first created by Instagram user @nosylae.  She did an amazing and beautiful thing and I was determined to recreate it!  I used a simple, everyday makeup sponge, painted the colors on and sponged it right onto the nail.  I did notice that some of the color would get saturated into the sponge so I would go over the nails lightly with each color to brighten them.  It looks a lot harder than it was.  Though, I will note that the clean up was a pain!  Tape those cuticles off beforehand!

Simple Nail Art:
OPI was the front runner in releasing their textured polishes, Liquid Sand, and they are some of the best.  They featured some photos in their Instagram that showed off Liqiud Sand in What Wizardry is This? designed with a yellow and an orange polish, all to help you get 'festival ready'.  I was really itching to try out the design for myself.  First to see how Liquid Sand would look with nail art and second to see how sweet it looked in real life!     The yellow is Zoya Darcy and the orange is OPI A Roll in the Hague. This was easy to do.  Textured polishes are actually easy to control and smooth to apply, so this is an easy  and fun design to do! 

 What do you guys think of some of these looks?  Which one is your favorite.  I loved wearing the Zoya Pixie Dust Gradient.  It was the most eye catching and fun one!


  1. I love the stud idea, and the china glaze colour together. (Tempting me big time to get the green one.. Lol) gorgeous as always and such fun ideas.

  2. Okay, coolest post ever Kelly! I love the look of the CG textures, but that Zoya blend one just blew me away!

  3. So much fun! I love the different ways you can wear these! lol you are really good at selling these haha! I need to try some textured polishes out!!

  4. I'm not a fan of textured, but I looove the gradient look you did! and the idea of this post is worth being published on a magazine!

  5. These are some awesome ideas! I especially love the idea of a textured gradient!

  6. Love the ChG ones together but I ADORE how you gradiated the textures vertically.


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