Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Pep in Your Step

Morning all!  I have the other Pretty & Polished purchase from recent.  This is Pep in Your Step.  I wore this a little while ago and posted it on my Instagram.  I thought it was the perfect polish to wear to the Cleveland Indians game, a double header against the Yankees.  It was.  Haha! I haven't really been wearing many of my crellys with glitter lately, and I really miss them.  They will always be some of my favorite polish types.  This was no different.  Pep in Your Step is from her second collection that was themed around Adventure Time, Algebraic Collection.  I wanted the whole collection, but my car needed fixing, and well- priorities!  Hahah!  Pep in Your Step was based off of Peppermint Butler.  He's a cute character, but I feel like I haven't seen many episodes with him.  But hey, Netflix now has Adventure Time and I'm sure Ill get my fix soon!  This polish is in a white creme base and has red glitter hexes and bar glitters.  I used two coats for this and application was great.  The only thing is that the glitters sink in the bottle.  I recommend giving the bottle a good shake every so often while painting your nails.  That will allow the glitters to circulate a little more.  I loved wearing this and intend to for many games to come this summer!

You can find this polish here.


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