Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lush Lacquer: Gumballs

Hey everyone!  I have finally gotten back on my indie loves.  I feel like I haven't gotten any indie polish lately?  What is up with that.  I recently put in an order with Lush Lacquer for some fun, bright polishes.  Just what I needed!  I purchased Gumballs and Clowning around.  Today, I'm showing you Gumballs.  Gumballs is a mikly polish with glitter.  The base is a bright peach color and the glitters are fun and bright in colors like yellow, pink, blue and purple and so many more!  I went to go use this and I found it to be a little thicker because of the amount of glitter packed into the bottle.  So, because of that, I decided to layer it over Illamasqua Purity and they were a perfect match!  I used one coat of each polish.  Like I said, Gumballs was a little thick, but it is easy to manage.  Just try not to get a whole lot of polish on the brush.  How do you guys like this one?

I got this bottle off of Etsy.


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