Thursday, April 18, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust: Vespa

Good morning!  I have the last of my Zoya Pixie Dust shades...for now.  My summer ones haven't shipped yet, but when they do, o man will I have some spam for you all!  This is Vespa.  This is another shade that has made waves in the nail community.  I can see why- its so pretty!  Its a beautiful sage green color with silver sparkle that dries to a nice matte, sandy texture.  I used two coats here and it was a little more sheer than the others I own.  Though, the two coats was sufficient for my nail length, three might be needed for longer nails.  Formula on Vespa is great.  Just like the other two.  Zoya did a beautiful thing with their Pixie Dust shades.  I am so excited to get my Summer Pixie Dust shades, I can't even tell you guys!  I keep seeing all of their promos on Instagram and clap my hands in excitement with each one.  Has anyone else tried out Zoya's Pixie Dust polishes?  How do you all like them?

You can purchase Zoya nail polish from their website.


  1. Fantastic job capturing the sparkle in this, Kelly! I love this sage-y green so much!

  2. Lovely! looks like icey sugar or sometihing, lol!

  3. It's a really pretty spring-time color, and the shade looks great on you! :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. Oooo, I like this shade of green! Not really a fan of textured polishes, but this one is really pretty <3

  5. I love this color on everyone...but me. It's just the most fabulous shade of olive sage, I wish it worked as well on me as it clearly does on you!

    1. Thanks Amanda! And I'm sure it looks just fine on you


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