Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Urban Outfitters Hologram Polish in Green

Good morning ladies!  I have another Hologram polish by Urban Outfitters for today!  This was the third polish I gave away, which I'm relieved to hear actually made it to its destination.  Sending polish overseas has become quite the hassle.  Its not even that expensive to do ( I guess this would depend on how much you were shipping), its the customs that it goes through.  Anyone else having trouble with that kinda thing?  Anyway, this polish is absolutely stunning!  I has a very distinct green color with a strong linear holo to it.  I used two coats here with no base coat or top coat.  I still haven't found a good base coat for my holos.  So until then, Ill go naked!! O la la!  Haha!  That's not really a problem with holos, they don't tend to stain and I change my polish so frequently that chips are only a minor problem.  This went on smooth and easily.  The first two polishes are taken in my light box, the last two outside of it.

How do you guys like this one?  The green color really appeals to me!  Urban Outfitters just released a purple and a black holo!  I already ordered both...whoops. You can find these polishes here.


  1. Ahhhhh I NEEED that polish!!! Going to my local Urban Outfitters right now and hoping they have it!

    Sophisticated Lace

  2. Wow! The holo effect is so strong it's almost blinding! :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. I really have to get around to wearing mine, this is too stunning to be sitting in my untried drawer!


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