Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sonnetarium: Strawberry Smoothie

Good morning!  I have another polish from Sonnetarium's Spring Collection.  This is Strawberry Smoothie.  Strawberry Smoothie is a light pink polish with micro glitters in red, pastel pink and white.  Along with those glitters, is the company of some slight holographic shimmer.  Nothing too crazy, but very pretty.  I used three coats here as this is a little more sheer.  It went on nice and smooth with easy control.  I'm really liking this one, the light pink does something really nice to my skin tone.  This literally looks like a strawberry smoothie, too.  With those micro red glitters, they could be mashed up strawberry seeds!  How perfect is that?

You can buy Sonnetarium polish here.  How are you all liking this one?


  1. I love this color, it's so delicate and pretty but also has depth.

  2. Omgggg, such a yummy color! Looks like a real fruit smoothie popsicle :P

  3. oh, how much I adore and envy this one! <3


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