Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lac Attack: Muggles

Hey gals!  I have a brand new Harry Potter inspired polish by Lac Attack to show off today.  I am so excited for this one!  This was released with the rest of the collection, as a Harlow & Co exclusive.  I wasted no time in snagging this one up.  I needed it for my collection!  How could I not?!

Muggles is the wizarding term for Non-Wizards.  You know, us normal people with no magical powers.  Muggles are first mentioned in the first book, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone.  Muggles are not capable of any magic.  Magic is also highly protected from them.  Its can actually be punishable, especially to young wizards and witches, to show off magic in front of them.  Wizards and witches use a variety of charms and spells to protect their magic from the seeing eyes of Muggles.  While the majority of Muggles have no idea magic exists, some are in the know.  There are some wizarding children born from Muggles (called Muggle-born) that are usually aware of the Wizarding World. (Hermione Granger is a Muggle- born and a major character in all the books)  Also, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Magic keep in contact in case of any emergency of either side of the worlds (Such as when Lord Voldemort came back into power).

The polish Muggles is seriously awesome.  Another great addition to the Magical Musings collection.  This is a shard glitter polish in a clear base.  The shards are metallic and range in colors from teal, purple, magenta pink and silver.  Muggles in packed with the shards, so you won't have the problem of getting enough on the nail.  The shards also lay flat for the majority.  I had no problems with getting them to lay on the nail.  I did make sure I used a little more top coat, as it is a shard glitter and that always has little edges.  I layered one coat of Muggles over two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  This is another one where I couldn't stop staring at my nails.  The color combination of the glitters stands out nicely against the white.  That also means you can really layer it over anything and still have it stand out.  Like I said, a perfect addition to the collection.

You can only get this Lac Attack polish off of Harlow & Co.


  1. I really like the shard effect over the white. Very cool!

  2. The whole shredded thing reminds me of the 80s/90s but I LOVE IT in polish!

  3. Sooo pretty! Love the colors here too, you make everything look so nice I'm jelly :P


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