Friday, April 19, 2013

Guest Post at Amandalandish!

Hey guys, if you don't follow the blog Amandalandish it's definitely time you did!  I did a guest post over there with some pretty cool nail art featuring some Butter London polishes!  She is an amazing blogger and I'm totally fan-girling over her asking me to do a guest post!  A friendship is surely blossoming!  Haha! :)

Also, I want to extend my sympathies to those of you with family, friends or themselves involved with the Boston Bombings.  I keep you all in my thoughts.  Also, the people involved in the Texas explosion, as well. It is sad to see such a strong nation being torn like this.  We are very fortunate to not live in a country where things like this happen daily.  I thank my lucky stars everyday for my blessings.  Again, my thoughts are extending to those troubled by the recent events.  Stay safe and strong everyone.



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