Saturday, March 16, 2013

St.Patrick's Day Nail Art

Happy Saturday everyone!  I don't normally post on a Saturday, but I couldn't resist showing off this holiday mani.  I actually gave a sneak peak over at my new Instagram.  I made one just for the blog.  Also I'm now on Twitter too, @tuxarina!  Look at me, getting up with the times and being all social!  I actually am really liking twitter.  So don't be shy, follow me!  I love chatting with you all.  Also, speaking of following...if you haven't heard already, Google is getting rid of Google Reader.  Now, I'm not too sure if this means all of you will disappear, but it seems that way.  So- as some of you have already done, I am on BlogLovin' and the link is just to your left over there on my side bar.  I saw the spike yesterday and it hit me that that was why.  Its a bummer.  I have to make some changes there for my own following sake.

Anyway!  On to the fun stuff!  I wanted something different this year for my St.Patrick's Day nails.  I chose to go with a half moon featuring OPI My Vampire is Buff and Zoya Ivanka.  Me and a friend got together to do these and she used Zoya Ivanka as well and we both agree it is the perfect sparkly green!  Seriously, I need to swatch this on its own its that pretty.  Perfect for this holiday! I actually had a hard time finding this in my area and almost gave up.  I ended up ordering it online and it came pretty quick (Did you all know that Zoya's 3 day shipping is only about $9?  Not that bad considering!)  On my accent nail, I did a copy cat of one of my favorite Instagram girls, @selenadee_nails from Pink You Rock.  Her nails are so pretty!  A little while back she did a rainbow sponge with gold glitter.  It was very cute!  So that's what I did here.  I used Zoya Pippa, Zoya Jancyn, Essie Pretty Edgy, Essie Mesmerize and OPI Funky Dunkey.  Then topped it with Lac Attack Felix Felicis.  Perfect!  As a final touch, I added a four leaf clover from Hex Nail Jewelry.  I love these nails and cannot stop staring at them.  I think they are just perfect to get me into that lucky spirit!



  1. This is SO cute, one of the best St. Patricks day manicures I've seen.

  2. This looks SO awesome! I love the rainbow nail and little jewelry!

  3. Omg, so pretty! The rainbow on your ring finger is gorgeous <3

  4. Cute mani! I especially love your accent finger with the rainbow and the four-leaf clover! :-)

    ~ Yun


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