Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sonnetarium: Samurai Princess

Good morning gals!  Today, I'm showing off another Sonnetarium polish I recently purchased.  Samurai Princess is your classic black and white glitter.  And its awesome!  This is actually my first classic combo of black and white glitter.  I have black glitter, and white glitter, and black and white shards- but not just a regular glitter mix.  I layered this over OPI Did It On 'Em.  Samurai Princess is composed of black and white hexes in a variety of sizes, plus black and white bar glitter.  I really love how the glitter pops over that yellow green color.  Black and white glitter like this is really fun to experiment with layering combinations.  The possibilities are endless.  Plus, its a great way to give a simple manicure that extra boost.  I had just about no problems with application.  The glitter comes out of the bottle perfectly and it goes on even and smooth.  Also, sorry about my middle finger, its a bit of a nub right now!  What is your guys' favorite black and white glitter?  This is my only one, but I doubt I'll try anything else.  This was just perfect!

You can buy Sonnetarium polishes here.


  1. I think this type of glitter is perfect for bright colors!

    1. I know combinations are really endless!

  2. Black and White glitters are always classy <3 Looks great with the base color here! <3


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