Monday, March 4, 2013

Pretty & Polished: My Lumps

Hey gals! Happy Monday to you all!   I'm almost finished swatching all of the Mathematical!! Collection by Pretty & Polished.  Today, I'm showing the polish that is my favorite character's namesake.  My Lumps is based off of Lumpy Space Princess, and she's hilarious.  But with a voice that sounds valley girl mixed with cotton balls in your mouth, how can she not be?  Haha!  My Lumps is a vibrant purple jelly polish.  I layered this over OPI Funky Dunkey and they matched up pretty well.  There's a shimmer to this polish to aid with the purple and yellow shard glitters.  I've read other reviews that the shards gave some people problems, but they really aren't that unmanageable.  I happen to really like shard glitters, though.  This polish looks like they are floating around in it.  Which kinda matches Lumpy Space Princess, as she just kinda floats around.  Overall, I really love the color of this polish.  Its deepness and glitter type really help it stand out.

You can find Pretty & Polished here.  Unfortunately, this one seems to be sold out!  Sorry gals!

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