Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretty & Polished: King of C-C-Cool

Good Morning ladies!  So the weather here in Ohio has been switching around drastically and has sent me into a full blown sinus infection. I'm pretty much miserable.  But back to the polish at hand (oooh did I just make a bad pun?)  The last and final swatch from Pretty & Polished Mathematical!! Collection is reserved for today.  This one is based off of the Ice King.  The Ice King is a pretty weird guy.  He's obsessed with princesses, but has a cool penguin pet that kind of reminds me of my own cat.  Haha!  King of C-C-Cool is a blue milky based polishes with some pretty cool glitters in it.  There's blue and yellow hexes, white diamond glitter and ,my favorite, a red microglitter.  I love the red microglitters.  They stand out against all of the blue in this polish and give it a more dynamic look.  I used two coats here.  This polish really depicts the Ice King, though.  The colors match him perfectly and I can't help but think of this crazy character while looking at my nails.  Makes me laugh a bit!

You can buy Pretty & Polished on their site.  This is no longer available though, sorry gals!


  1. This sure is a pretty color!
    The weather here in SC has been pretty bi-polar, although I'm sure not as bad as Ohio. It goes from 70 one day, to 55 the next to 65 the next. Not to mention, it's pollen season and the pollen is SO bad!

    1. Ugh I would be dying! My sinuses get so bad this time of year.

  2. What a stunning colour, I love the milky base with the tiny red glitters, it's so different to what I've seen before.

    Your nails are so cute! Great swatch :)

  3. This color is so pretty! Love the combination of yellow and red into this milky blue <3 Your swatches are soooo nice~~~


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