Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Go With The Pisces Flow

Good morning.  I have a newer Pretty & Polished polish from her Zodiac line.  This is Go With The Pisces Flow, and honestly, I hate it.  This is a rare thing for me to hate a Pretty & Polished.  I usually end up loving everything I purchase from them.  The base is a dusty teal and it has translucent blue and green hexes.  Ok, first off, the hexes sink horribly.  I had to let this sit for a good day for them to float to the top.  Not just an hour or two before I paint, a whole day.  They still did not come out that good on the nail.  I had such trouble fishing for glitters, and came up empty most often.  Secondly, I think the color is just blah.  It gives me lobster hands, too.  That's technically a personal problem though, some colors just don't work with a person's skin tone.  When I tried to photograph Go With The Pisces Flow, for some reason, my camera went all out of wack.  The color of my hands turned completely red.  I have never had that happen with a polish before.  And I tested the camera later, with a different polish on, and my hands were normal again.   It was the strangest thing.  I felt the consistency of the polish was on the thicker side, too.  It ended up with a slightly lumpy look to it. That being said, I like the idea of this polish.  The hexes look like fish scales in the bottle, really fitting with the Pisces sign.  I'm sorry to say that this is just not a polish for me.  I'm sure there are people out there that love it.  Sorry about the off coloring on my hands, I had to actually edit the red out.  It was a pain! Also, I used a black background to try to diminish the red (though that didn't really work), but I kind of like the black back drop.  What do you guys think?
You can buy Pretty & Polished from here.  I'd highly recommend any other polish from them!  You can't like em all!


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