Wednesday, March 20, 2013

KB Shimmer: Oh Splat! Matte Edition

Morning gals. Happy Humpday.  I'm still battling this sinus infection over here.  It's lingering way too long for me.  I've got another KB Shimmer polish to show off.  This is Oh Splat!  From what I read in other reviews, its a crowd favorite.  And I can certainly see why!  Oh Splat! is a white milky polish with a rainbow of hexes.  I used two coats here and it went on flawlessly.  The colors in this make me weak at the knees!  There's a ton of milky polishes containing an array of colors out there, but this one seems to stand on its own.  Seriously, I can't get enough of this polish.  I topped it off with Butter London's Matte Topcoat.  I got even more obsessed with it after that.  I could not stop looking at my nails for the rest of the night.  KB Shimmer is quickly climbing up to the top of my favorite indie polish ladder!  It was very smooth with the Matte Topcoat too, no bumps on the radar with this.  And for some reason, this is making me think of the circus?  Must be all those awesome colors.

How do you all feel about this one?  You can buy KB Shimmer polishes here.


  1. Omg, I originally loved this polish, but matte? Now I REALLY love this polish! So pretty! <3

  2. Omigosh, LOVE! Matte was a stroke of genius. And here I'd convinced myself I could live without this one...I must have eet now!! ^_^


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