Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Floss Gloss: BritBrit2000

Hey guys!  I have a full Floss Gloss swatch to show you guys today.  I recently picked up a few of their lacquers and have fallen in love.  They are pretty awesome.  This one is a pretty peach, nude color with some serious sparkle.  BritBrit2000 is coined for Britney Spears' iconic outfit that she wore in one of her music videos.  The name sure does fit!  This is a little sheer, so I used three coats.  Application was nice and easy.  A bonus- it dried quickly.  I love the end result to this.  The glitter is so pretty, it almost looks flakey.  They shine each color in the rainbow.  It gives the peachy nude a dynamic look.  What do you all think?  Floss Gloss is relatively new to the scene, but they are making an impact.  I've seen them used by many big nail artists.  I can certainly see why.  Their polish has an edgy feel to it, bright colors with awesome names and just an overall professionalism.  I already have plans to buy more.

You can buy Floss Gloss lacquers here.


  1. This one I'm on the fence about - not too sure about the color of it!

  2. The glitter is so pretty! I feel like this would make a nice nude for me ahha <3

  3. I do like this one, although I think I'd prefer it to have less orange & be more nude. Pretty glitters!

    1. Yea the orange really pulls in this one.


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