Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pretty & Polished: The Young Hero

Hey gals.  Yes, I have another Pretty & Polished creation.  And yes, its a milky polish!  I can't resist them!  The Young Hero is from the recent Mathematical! Collection based off of the tv show, Adventure Time.  This show is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  This is the polish based off of one of the main characters, Finn the Human.  The base is a white crelly and the glitters in this are awesome.  There's pastel blue squares, darker blue and yellow micro glitters, and some translucent yellow/green hexes.  The translucent hexes are really cool in this polish, it makes me love this one the most!  I used about three coats here, it was a little sheer at two.  Application was easy and even.  I must say, the colors in this one depict Finn so well!

You can find Pretty & Polished here.  How do you gals like this one?  Sick of my milky glitter polish obsession, yet?


  1. Loving this color and the mix of glitters in it!

  2. this reminds me of speckled Easter egg candies... I am in love! I really enjoy the whole Mathematical! collection. Did you get all of them?

    1. Yes, I wasn't going to but I totally caved!


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