Friday, February 15, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Rainy Day Lady

Good morning, I'm continuing on with my Pretty & Polished swatches today!  This is Rainy Day Lady, also from the Mathematical!! Collection.  This is representing Lady Rainicorn, who just so happens to be Jake the Dog's girlfriend.  She kind of reminds me of taffy?  Not sure why, maybe because she's fun colors and long? Anywho, this polish is a glitter topper and its packed with glitters!  There's a bunch of pastel glitters in here, along with some brighter glitters, giving the polish a little more depth.  There's also some square, large hex and diamond glitter in here, making it even funner.  I layered this over Essie Butler Please and I loved the combo!  I wasn't feeling to layer it over white, black or nude, so I was glad to find a color that accented the glitters, but didn't over power.  This went on nice and I only had to use one coat.  A good representation via glitter for our dear Lady Rainicorn.

You ladies can find Pretty & Polished at the online shop.  What are your thoughts on this color?  This is another one I almost didn't pick up, but I settled on getting the entire collection.


  1. Butler Please and Rainy Day Lady are a perfect match! I love when you swatch Chels' colors, you knock them out of the park. I still have not yet tried one yet... crazy, huh?

  2. This is beautiful and looks awesome over Butler Please!


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