Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Mannequin Hands

Good Morning, ladies!  First off, if you don't follow me on Instagram, I mentioned last night something very special!  I submitted a few of my nails and special nail art photos to Nylon Magazine to be featured on their blog, and they picked one!  My tie dye design was featured here.  I was so excited.  I personally subscribe to Nylon and I love the magazine so I fan girled so hard over this!  Its so exciting for me to be featured by one of my favorite magazines, I can't even tell you guys! I'm happy to really be making progress with my designs and to have such great support from my followers! Now if I could only reach that 100 mark so I can really show you all by an awesome giveaway!  All in good time, though!  Today, I'm going to be showing another Pretty & Polished today.  Sick of them yet?  I have about four more to swatch out of my most recent purchases.  Haha!  This is Mannequin Hands.  This one came out a while ago and I bought it then.  So you can imagine how behind I am on wearing all of my new polishes!  This is a shimmery lighter nude creme with some pale pink hexes in it.  I really needed a palette cleanser and this worked perfectly!  I used two coats, and almost did three.  It looked a bit patchy in some lighting.  I kept it at two, though.  Application was flawless, as well.  I've always enjoyed my Pretty & Polished polishes and rarely have anything to complain about or find negatives in.  This one is no different!

Did anyone else pick this shade up?  Its still available on the website.


  1. I love the little specks of glitter in there :P Really does remind me of mannequin hands!

  2. I saw your feature - that's so freaking awesome! And I love mannequin hands!

  3. Congratulations on the feature! You deserve it after all the hard work!

    I love this polish, so darn pretty & your swatches are impeccable!


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