Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Damask Pattern Based Off My Phone Case

Some title, eh?  I literally couldn't think of anything to call these?  I recently just got a new phone case and I really loved the design.  Its a damask design, I guess.  I used Zoya Purity as a base.  For the design, I used Butter London Sprog, a perfect periwinkle color.  The design on the actual case is much more detailed.  It was kind of hard to translate the whole think on the nail, so I did a more abstract version of it.  I just used my tinier nail art brush for this, to allow for a more detailed design.  I love the colors with this and I think the design came out relatively good!  And I forgot how much I love a good white nail.

What do you think of this design?  Anyone else have some cool cases that could be translated into nail art?


  1. Omg, love your phone case! They match so well <3

  2. Oh wow!! This is stunning!! It reminds me of toile, which I love and would cover my whole house with if I could!! I love that phone case too!!


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