Monday, January 28, 2013

Urban Outfitters Hologram Polish in Silver

Hey guys!  I know your sad that there's no more Lac Attack polishes to show, but I have something very special to show you all today!  This polish has recently been making its rounds through the nail blogs and it certainly caught my eye.  This is Urban Outfitters own brand of nail polish.  Its their Hologram line.  There's a few colors under their Hologram polishes, and they only offer them online at certain times.  I was lucky enough to spot this online not too long ago.  I was pretty pumped because I had really wanted it and the closest Urban Outfitters is an hour away for me.

This is a silver holographic polish.  And WOW.  Are you all looking at this?  Cause it's insane.  This is possibly the most holographic polish I own.  It so pretty!  I wouldn't even call it silver, I really just want to call it rainbow.   I used about three coats here, my base coat made it streak bad.  Also, no top coat.  You can see that its fairly smooth and shiny without one, though.  It went on very smoothly despite my base coat problems.   The only down side to this beauty is that wear time is not very good.  I work at a job that I use my hands a lot and I can chip polish easily because of it.  But this chipped the very next day.  I'll forgive it because it's so gorgeous.  In really bright lights its so holographic I couldn't believe it!  It makes my nails look like they are glowing all of the time.  Its like I dipped them in Unicorn blood, no drinking it though don't worry!  (Anyone get that HP reference, applaud yourself if you did, sorry I'm still in the magical mood.)

How do you guys like this one?  Anyone pick this one up yet?  They have a pink holographic I really want too, so if anyone spots one send it my way! Haha!  I got this bottle at Urban Outfitters Website.


  1. I know the color is awesome... but you captured it perfectly- amazing photos, Kelly!!!!

  2. I was holding this one the other day in Urban Outfitters but put it back...I am seriously regretting that now! I'm glad to hear you didn't drink it though - wouldn't want to you live like Voldemort :)


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