Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Save the Dauphine Collection

Hey guys!  I have a brand new collection from Pretty & Polished.  She had shown some sneak peaks of this on her Facebook page and I got so excited.  I'm obsessed with quite a few things and Marie Antoinette.  I used to read up on her story all of the time when I was younger.  Weird taste for a young girl, but I don't care!  Ok, lets get started!  Warning, this is picture heavy!

First up is The Diamond Necklace Affair. This is a glitter topper.  In the bottle it looks like a lot of iridescent blue glitter, but on the nail its Amazing!  I layered this over Cult Nails Time Traveler.  You can see so much more when this is layered over a darker color.  I see some blue hexes, purple/blue bars and hexes, translucent white glitters and, my favorite, some larger holographic hexes.   I love that this is one of those hidden beauty polishes.   And the large holographic hexes to represent diamonds just make me swoon!  If you all have some time, you should read up on the actual diamond necklace affair, so scandalous!

Next up is Louis Louis.  Named after the queen's husband.  This is a golden/green polish with small royal blue hexes and red circle glitters.  I used two coats here, and I wish I had used three.  I can see patches in some areas.  This is a shimmery polish that glows in the nail.  It has a thinner formula to it, so it can be layered as well!  I would love to see this one layered over black.

Here is the third polish, Hameau.  Coined after the queen's country home she frequented.  This is an interesting polish.  The base is a white/nude shimmer milky jelly.  Haha, a lot of describing terms there huh?  It has blue and green hexes, with the blue ones being slightly larger and having a more purple lean to them.  I love it!  I'm a sucker for milky jelly polishes, and this is no exception.  I used two coats here, but for longer nails, I recommend three.

Lastly, we have one named for the queen herself, Let Them Eat Cake.  A famous term, no doubt.  This is my favorite of the collection.   A milky white jelly with white, pale pink and coral hexes.  Along with some yellow square glitters and some very fine micro-glitters in lavender.  How could you not love that combination?  The coral hexed are bright in color and give the polish some punch to this girly pale polish.  I love the combinations of glitters in this one, its not something I've seen.  I used two coats here and that was perfect.

Overall, the collection is something fresh and new!  All of the combinations of color and bases is so fun and unique.  I'm impressed!  This collection will be available January 16th on Pretty & Polished's shop.   If you all ever get the hankering, look up this queen icon.  I find her story to be very interesting!  The movie was ok too.  Hahah!

Oh and as a bonus for the New Year, Chelsea has given a coupon code for us to share with you all!  If you want 10% off of your order from her new online shop (linked above) use:  Blogger10.  The coupon ends January 4th at 12pm EST.
This product was provided to me at a discounted rate for review. 


  1. Awesome swatches! I'm a big MA fan too!

  2. Wow... I have to say this is my favorite Pretty & Polished Collection yet... this is totally going to get me to breakdown and buy this set this You did an amazing job with your swatches, Kelly! I love that Indie Polishes are really getting into some amazing themes and concepts. I think these really captured Marie Antoinette's complexity but still come off as super fun and trendy. Je les aime tous!

    1. Yes go for it! Her polishes are awesome-I'm clearly a big fan!

  3. Wonderful swatches, Kelly! I love French history so this collection is right up my alley, too :) Let Them Eat Cake is gorgeous!! What a great collection.

  4. Hameau is my favorite! But all of them are sooo gorgeous <3

    1. I know it's hard to pick a favorite!


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