Thursday, January 31, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand: Can't Let Go

Hey guys, today I have a main stream polish to show you all!  OPI recently released their collection with Mariah Carey and it included a line of "Liquid Sand" glitters.  These are matte finish glitters, a little different coming from the main stream brands.  I picked up two of them: Stay the Night and Can't Let Go.  Today, Ill show you Can't Let Go.  This is the purple of the bunch.  I really love the look of this in the bottle, and on the nail it's just as pretty.   However, in the bottle, it looks like it has a bluish tint to it, and that doesn't really translate to the nail.  I used two coats and I loved the final look of it!  It has a grainy texture that still sparkles.   There are some medium sized hexes in this that are a different shade of purple than the base of the polish.  That helps them stand out a little more.  I was really iffy about how I would like the Liquid Sand finish, but I'm really loving this, especially the color on me!  I actually kept it on for a few days!  An odd thing for me to do.  Also note, that dry time on this polish is slow.  I nicked it slightly an hour after I painted them.

How are you guys liking the Liquid Sand polishes by OPI?  I can't wait to try Stay the Night now! I got this polish at the Ulta store near me.


  1. I'm still on the fence about these new texture polishes - I feel like it looks like polish over a bunch of smooshed cotton balls - haha.

    1. Hahah that's hilarious! But yea I've seen pretty mixed reviews on these..people either like em or hate em

  2. I haven't tried these for myself yet, so I'm not sure how i feel about them. This one looks good on you!


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