Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lac Attack: Amortentia

Moving forward with Lac Attacks Magical Musings collection, today is for Amortentia.

Amortentia is a love potion.  The most powerful one, in fact.  Although, it does not create true love, only powerful infatuation and obsession to who ever drinks it. Amortentia first appeared in the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, alongside Felix Felicis.   Its described as having a pearly sheen to it.  Its smell is different for everyone, depending on what is attractive to them.  The effects set in quickly but does not last, as it must be administered frequently too keep the infatuation up.  It was revealed that within the Department of Mysteries ( a secret area where some magical experiments are done) that there is a fountain of Amortentia.  Possibly to experiment with the magical affects love has.  Love plays a huge part in the book as it is a huge magical force that cannot be created by man, and can withstand some very powerful curses.

Amortentia is another one of my favorites in this collection.  It sits in a pink base with some larger purple looking holographic hexes and smaller glitters in pink and purple.  Its so pretty!  I could not stop staring at my nails when I wore this one.  And, actually I wore it until started to chip ( a rarity for me.) which was about three to four days.  I wouldn't blame the chipping on the polish, more on my work.  It went on beautifully.  I ended up layering this over Essie Chastity.  I loved the combination.  It was very girly.  I forgot how much I liked pink polish!  I hope to be able to incorporate this in a Valentine's Day mani!

 What do you guys think of this one?  Its definitely at the top of my list! You can find Lac Attack polishes here.


  1. Love the random big glitters mixed with the small!

  2. Gorgeous color, your photos really pick up the detail. This almost makes me think of the Liquid Sand if they weren't as "bumpy"- as far as the micro glitter to the larger hexes. Silly question, is it a tinted base more so than a jelly base?

    1. Yea I wouldn't say it's a jelly, though you could defintely wear it on its own and get a squishy look to it!


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